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Studying Abroad!

So, I haven’t personally written anything on here in a LONG time, but I felt it was time. Next semester, I’m going to be studying at Richmond, the American International University in London, England and I am ecstatic, yet nervous! I’m excited because it’s going to be such a change of pace and I’m going somewhere I honestly never imagined being able to go to, let alone study at for a whole semester. What makes it easiest to go away is the fact that my beautiful girlfriend of four years, Katie, is studying in London as well at the University of Westminster! 

Although I am excited for this journey that I have ahead of me, I’m also very nervous and honestly, a little scared; I’ve never been apart from any family for a long period of time and the fact that I can’t just drive home from my school in two hours honestly scares me immensely. I think it may not even be the fact that I won’t be able to go home and see my family that is what scares me, but the fact that this is the first big “growing up” moment in my life; having to fend for myself and really be living on my own (even though I will have a roommate) is kind of taking its toll on me mentally.

Another big thing that has been on my mind about it is a sense of guilt; my family isn’t exactly in the greatest of financial situations, but I’m still being selfish and studying abroad on (for the most part) my parent’s dime in one of the most expensive country’s in the world. The biggest sense of guilt though isn’t financially, but how I am going to Europe and they aren’t. I don’t know if they have ever wanted to go or really have gone, but my dad’s Step-father is Italian and I bet he would love to see where his Step-dad grew up, but instead, I am the one doing it. Is it wrong of me to feel that way? In my mind, when I imagine trips to other countries or historic landmarks, I imagine two pictures: a picture of me and Katie in front of it and another picture of myself and my parents in front of it. I think that in a way it just makes me a little sad that they can’t experience it with me.

However, with all this confusion of guilt, nerves, and fear comes the biggest feelings of happiness and excitement; this is the one time in my life where I will be able to go somewhere like this and take a bunch of trips and not have to worry about having kids to do it with or a full-time job to stress about. This is the greatest opportunity in my life and it is calling me by name to enjoy every waking moment of it and I’m going to grab it and take hold of it. 

I just made a new account so be sure to follow me at . I’ll be using that tumblr as a personal blog for when I’m there and to keep everyone in the loop on my life while I’m there with pictures and videos. 

Pray that all goes well for me, Katie, and for my family while I’m gone. I’m scared, but it’s a good scared. I love you all and thank you for the support.

if anyone wants postcards or anything, send me your address and I’ll send you a gift from wherever I am! 

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